Three Chinese astronauts to return domestic after finishing country’s longest house mission Astronauts

Astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu will return domestic after finishing the longest house mission in China’s history.

Three Taikonauts (Chinese astronauts) are set to return to Earth after spending six months on the under-construction Chinese area station. The Shenzhou-13 astronaut will undock from the Tianhe core module on the flying outpost and land at the Dongfeng touchdown site, the place Chinese area enterprise crews have been practising recuperation operations.

China’s military-run space program plans to send multiple crews to the station over the next two years to make it fully functional. (Photo: AP)

Astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu will return domestic after finishing the longest area mission in China’s history. The three taikonauts have been conducting scientific experiments on the station, alongside with placing it up and taking lectures in faculties on the ground.
The Shenzhou-13 spacecraft carrying the three Chinese astronauts docked with the house station in October 2021. The two guys and one female had been the 2nd crew to cross into the house station, which was once launched in April. The first crew stayed three months.
While Zhai Zhigang and Wang Yaping are house veterans, this used to be the first day trip for Ye Guangfu. During their six-month remain in orbit, the crew performed three spacewalks to deploy tools in training for increasing the station; assessed dwelling prerequisites in the Tianhe module and carried out experiments in area medicinal drug and different fields.

The three astronauts entered the Tianhe space station core module in OCtober 2021. (AP)

China’s military-run house software plans to ship more than one crews to the station over the subsequent two years to make it utterly functional.

When accomplished with the addition of two extra sections — named Mengtian and Wentian — the station will weigh about sixty six tons, lots smaller than the International Space Station, which launched its first module in 1998 and weighs round 450 tons. Two greater Chinese modules are due to be launched earlier than the give up of 2022.

According to CGTN, with the completion of the Shenzhou-13 mission, the “technology verification phase” of the house station challenge will be completed. There will be two extra crewed missions to construct the house station, with greater unmanned missions to ship cargo ships and extra modules for installation.
Meanwhile, the Long March-7 Y5 service rocket, which will be used to launch the Tianzhou-4 cargo vessel, has arrived at the launch website online in Hainan Province on Monday.

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