“Minor Royal”: Australian Broadcasters Fail To Recognise UK PM Liz Truss

Australian TV presenters Tracy Grimshaw and Peter Overton mistakenly referred to British PM Liz Truss as “minor royalty” at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.


An Australian media channel failed to realize British Prime Minister Liz Truss, as she arrived at Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday. The mix-up occurred on Channel 9 whilst it used to be masking the funeral, attended by way of high ministers and presidents from round the globe. 

During the broadcast, when Australian TV presenters Tracy Grimshaw and Peter Overton have been knowledgeable that a “significant motorcade” used to be drawing close Westminster Abbey, they struggled to discover who they had been searching at. 

“Who is this?” Ms Grimshaw requested when Ms Truss arrived with her husband Hugh O’Leary. “Hard to identify, possibly minor Royals. I cannot discover them,” Mr Overton replied.

Ms Grimshaw then continued, “We can not spot everyone, unfortunately. They seem to be like they should nicely be neighborhood dignitaries, it is difficult to see.”

The pair then seemed to understand their mistake, as after a short pause Mr Overton informed viewers that the thriller visitor used to be in truth the UK Prime Minister Liz Truss. “I’m simply informed that was once Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister in the distance that we may want to see, hopping out of that car,” he said. 

This on-air blunder was once shortly picked up with the aid of net customers who reacted in amusement. “Telling at the Australian funeral commentaries calling Liz Truss and her husband “minor royals” motive they did not comprehend who they were,” wrote one user. 

“Australian media attempting to become aware of Liz Truss when she entered Westminster and attempting their satisfactory with ‘maybe minor royals’ or ‘local dignitaries’ made me pointless chuckle,” wrote another. “Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw having no thinking who Liz Truss – the new British Prime Minister – is at some point of the stay insurance of the Queen’s funeral used to be so awks,” commented third. 

Liz Truss grew to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on September 6 – two days earlier than Queen Elizabeth II’s death. She changed Boris Johson after a summer-long management contest. 

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