Bishnoi Community Says Deer Being Fed To Cheetahs, Asks PM To Intervene

In a tweet, BJP chief Kuldeep Bishnoi additionally noted “reports” about deer being fed to the cheetahs these days reintroduced in India.


A Bishnoi organization has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi claiming that deer have been being “dropped” into the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh to feed the cheetahs lately added there from Namibia and stated the exercise ought to end.

In a tweet, BJP chief Kuldeep Bishnoi also stated “reports” about deer being fed to the cheetahs currently reintroduced in India.

“I request the central authorities to get the depend investigated in view of the species of deer which are on the verge of extinction in Rajasthan and the sentiments of the Bishnoi society. And if the statistics is determined to be true, then it need to be stopped immediately,” he stated in a tweet in Hindi.

The neighborhood is recognised for revering the blackbuck, and flora and fauna in general.

In its letter, Akhil Bhartiya Bishnoi Mahasabha has referred to that it is very pained after coming to understand about the exercise as it is working challenging to guard the specie from all the threat and threat.

It similarly wondered how come the authorities has delivered cheetas, who have been lengthy extinct, into India however is paying no interest to its flora and fauna species that are nearing extinction.

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